Speech by Consul General Dr Zhao Yongchen at the Welcome Reception of the 2016 Australia-China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum

Dr Zhao Yongchen, Chinese Consul General in Brisbane, has attended and delivered remarks at the welcome reception of the 2016 Australia-China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum. The full text reads as follows:

Hon Professor Tan Tieniu, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, distinguished Dr Christine Williams, Assistant Director-General, Department of Science, Information Technology, and Innovation, dear guests, ladies and gentlemen,

On the eve of the China-Australia Scientific, Technological Innovation and Commercialisation Forum, I'd like to extend warm welcome to all delegates and friends who are with us tonight, on behalf of Chinese Consulate General. It's an honor for us to host leaders from science communities of both countries.

The Forum is of great significance, given that our two countries are fast-developing our collaborations on scientific and technological innovation, and that the Forum is highly and widely attended and put together jointly by both communities, it has received generous support from both governments, science and business communities. The Forum is a new instance showing the growing China-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. We not only take delight in the Forum, but also add power behind it. I believe that you would certainly bring outcomes engaging yourselves in the discussion of innovation and commercialisation around the topics including agriculture, new material, energy, medicine, health, environment and the related policies, and in the exploration of new pathways leading to innovation and transfer.

Chinese and Australian governments and science communities hold dear our partnership in the area. Over the past 30 plus years since we signed the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation, the partnership has been deepened and made more effective by building science and research fund and joint laboratories. The science partnership between China and Q has been fast-growing. Many agreements have been signed between Chinese agencies, namely Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology, Guangdong Department of Science and Technology and Q agencies, namely State Government and Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation. We've seen outcomes jointly achieved by both research institutes in the area of climate change response, medicine, bio-tech, energy, agriculture, environment, and IT etc. Several joint centers have been co-established such as China-Australia Center for Public Health, China-Australia Center for Air Quality Science and Management, China-Australia Center for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative, Australia-Baosteel Joint R&D Center, etc, to work together to meet challenges in environment, health and energy. One of the landmarks is world's first cervical cancer vaccine co-developed by Dr Ian Fraser from UQ and the late Queensland Chinese scientist Dr Zhou Jian. The vaccine, the best highlight of the joint hard work between two science communities, is a blessing for women across the world and was conferred "European Inventor Award". To our great joy, in July the vaccine has been granted the permission into Chinese market by FDA of China, and has been the first approved HPV vaccine preventing cervical cancer in China. That is definitely a good news for Chinese women. All results wouldn't be possible if not for the persistent commitment of professionals from both science communities. Here I'd like to salute them with gratitude and respect.

Looking into the future, we have enormous space for our collaborations. I anticipate your experience exchanged, cooperation connecting industry, academics and research enhanced, and greater returns made in favor of better economic and social performance in our two countries.

Chinese Consulate General would, as what we have been doing, do everything we can to assist.

Wish the Forum a great success. Thank you.