Speech by Consul General Dr Zhao Yongchen at the Opening Session of the 2016 Australia-China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum

Dr Zhao Yongchen, Chinese Consul General in Brisbane, has attended and delivered remarks at the opening session of the 2016 Australia-China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum. The full text reads as follows:

Hon Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Science, Information Technology and Innovation and Minister for Small Business

Hon Professor Tan Tieniu, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, other delegates, guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It's a great delight to be at the China-Australia Scientific & Technological Innovation and Commercialisation Forum. I'd like to begin with warm congratulations to the Forum on behalf of Chinese Consulate General, and welcome and greetings to all delegates and participants. My thanks go to Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE) for organising the Forum and to friends of various communities for your generous support.

Chinese President Xi Jinping had a successful visit to Australia and attended the G20 Summit held in Brisbane. On that trip, China and Australia forged Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Now the China Australia Free Trade Agreement is in force, and outcomes are being delivered from our pragmatic cooperation. We've built multi-level S & T exchange and collaboration mechanisms touchable and efficient, hence new stage for us to engage in S & T innovation. China and Queensland have had many fruits from our partnership in key areas including medicine, health, environment, new material, clean energy, agriculture, IT etc. In April, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and State Government of Queensland signed the supplementary MOU on partnership on commercialised projects. Our partnership in this regard has since entered into a new era. Both sides are helping generate innovation and commercialisation by leveraging resources needed for innovation, so as to contribute to both societies and economies.

The Forum is a significant event in the field of S & T when the cooperation on S & T Innovation between China and Australia, between China and Queensland is at a new level of fast development. Participants from both sides gather for ideas exchange, opportunity exploration, innovation and commercialisation. We are greatly excited about the development momentum in our partnerships.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

We have strong natural fit and potential in the cooperation on S & T Innovation between China and Australia, between China and Queensland. To further the partnerships, my suggestions are as follows. First, science communities of both countries should seize opportunities navigating the commonalities and meeting points between S & T Innovation Development Agenda of China and National Innovation and Science Agenda of Australia, and Advance Queensland, work together to build new cooperative models of mutual benefits that cover joint R & D, innovation through to commercialisation. New impetus can be put into our partnerships with better social and economic outcomes. Second, we should seek opportunities from the connection of One Belt One Road and Developing Northern Australia and Development Northern Queensland strategies, make sure that S & T Innovation play a critically supporting role. S & T Innovation initiatives in One Belt One Road to our mutual interests can be a good guidance for us to step up collaboration on infrastructure connectivity such as transportation and communication, and business and manufacturing, in favor of improved well-being of both societies. Third, we should draw on the innovation-driven development of China and Australia, quicken the building of China-Queensland Science Park, so as to provide new innovation space for both communities, and deliver the high-tech prosperity. We expect and trust that, participants would, on the basis of mutual respect and benefits and seeking common development, contribute to our S & T Innovation partnership on many fronts, work hard to explore and engage more closely, for greater achievements in driving the development and prosperity and common interests of both countries.

I wish the Forum a great success. Thank you.