How to Apply and Visa Fees

1. Where to apply?

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in Australia do not accept visa applications directly submitted by ordinary passport holders.

Visa applications of ordinary passports are required to be submit to relevant Chinese Visa Application Service Center located in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane according to the services areas.

Chinese Visa Application Centre-CVAS

Service Areas

Embassy/Consulate Generals

CVAS in Canberra


Chinese Embassy in Australia

CVAS in Sydney


Consulate General in Sydney

CVAS in Melbourne


Consulate General in Melbourne

CVAS in Perth


Consulate General in Perth

CVAS in Brisbane


Consulate General in Brisbane

2. How to apply?

You may apply Chinese visa in person or by mail to relevant CVAS.

If by mail, please be noticed:

1) Please mail application to relevant Chinese Visa Application Service Centre according to service areas mentioned above.

2) Please select a proper visa to appy for, check all the detailed requirements, and prepare all the documents required.

3) It usually takes 10 working days to process mail applications, please be noticed that rush service is not available for visa applications by mail.

4) Only Express POST and Registered POST from the Australian POST are accepted. Please write down your tracking number ant track your mail through your mail service.

5) Please make sure to mail all the following documents: your original passport, visa application form, relevant specific supporting documents, money order or Payment Authorization Form, a fully-paid self-addressed return envelope. Please check the website of the relevant centre for more specific requirements of application by mail.

6) The Chinese Embassy or Consulates General are not liable for any loss or damage and delay by postal service.

If requested by Consular officers, applicant should appear in person to the Embassy or relevant Consulate-General for an interview, or more application meterials or original supporting documents should be provided.

3. How soon to pick up?

It normally takes 4 working days to process the visa. Next working day rush service or the 3rd working day express service is available, but it should be approved and extra service fees are applied.

Please be noticed that, on a case by case basis, express or rush services may not be available and the processing time may be longer than 4 working days.

4. How much and how to pay?

Please visit the website of the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers for visa payments and fees.


※ The information is subject to change without notice.