"Just amazing" Amy's Folklore Journey to Northeast China
Amy Lyons, "Most Popular in China" Award Winner of "When Koala Meets Panda" China-Australia Short Video Contest, was invited to visit Northeast China from 4th to 13th June, and experienced an unforgettable folklore journey in China.
"I love Dongbei (Northeast China), the food, the people, environment, landscape, culture, history, I think it's just fantastic", says Amy Lyons, "every day I felt like we did a new cultural experience".
During the trip, Amy has immersed herself in the beautiful landscape,and was engaged in the rich and vivid culture of the minority ethnic groups living in Northeast China. Either making of ethnic Korean style rice cakes, or playing traditional instruments in Chinese ethnic minority dress has impressed her very much. 
Other than those, China's high-speed train as the major way of transportation was the highlight of Amy's journey, "it's convenient and fast…and safe", says Amy.
Amy's story with China can go back to 2014 when she was selected as one of the exchange students from Australia to China, and that was the first time she falls in love with China. She hopes that through her video, more Australians can understand China and like China, which is also her rationale behind participating "When Koala Meets with Panda" short video contest. During the last competition, Amy's video"Experiencing China's Rural Area" was voted as "Most Popular in China" award winner by netizens in China. "Folklore Journey to Northeast China" is also one of the rewards she received as the winner of above award.
Hosted by the Consulate General of People's Republic of China in Brisbane and organized by People's Daily Australia, "When Koala Meets with Panda" is a short video contest which aimed to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the young people of China and Australia. Since the event was held, it has received extensive attention and support from all walks of life in Australia and Queensland in particular.A large number of brilliant short videos were posted by Australian young people.
The start of second "When Koala Meets with Panda" short video contest will be announced in the coming days by Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane.