Deputy Consul-General Ms. Zhou Li visited the Queensland Medical Research Institute
On May 14, Deputy Consul-General Ms. Zhou Li visited Queensland Medical Research Institute (QIMR Berghofer) and met with Professor Frank Cannon, Director and CEO of QIMR Berghofer.
Ms. Zhou said that health and medicine is one of the key areas of China-Queensland science and technology cooperation, and there was great potential in the mutual collaboration. The Consulate General would continue to support more partnership and engagement between QIMR Berghofer and Chinese research institutes and enterprises to boost the integration of industry, education and research, and the commercialization of science and technology.
Professor Cannon welcomed Ms. Zhou and thanked the  support extended by the Chinese Consulate-General. He introduced the history of QIMR Berghofer and its latest research progress in cancer, infectious disease, mental health, chronic refractory disorder and other fields. He said that the cooperation with Chinese side has been beneficial, and expects to further deepen all-round collaboration between QIMR Berghofer and its Chinese partners.
After the meeting, Ms. Zhou visited the relevant laboratories, accompanied by Professor Greg Anderson, Head of Chronic Disorders Program.
Consul for Science and Technology Mr. Chen Dechun attended the meeting.