Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane Hosted Activities for Students of "Asia Future Fellows " Program
On 26th June, more than 20 students from Griffith University and Peking University of 2019 "Asia Future Fellows" Program visited Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane. Deputy Consul General Ms Zhou Li and consuls from various sections met them.

Ms Zhou Li thanked the two universities for their long-term support and participation in promoting the exchange of young students between China and Australia. With reference to history and reality, she highlighted some thoughts and concepts for Chinese diplomacy in the new era, such as the " Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind and a New Type of International Relations ". She stressed that the pursuit of peace, amity and harmony runs deep in the blood of the Chinese people. China is taking a completely different development path from traditional powers, and would like to work with all countries including Australia to achieve mutual benefits on the basis of equal cooperation. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, she encouraged the students to keep open minds, respect differences, enhance friendship, and make good use of their visit to Beijing in October to better understand the extraordinary journey China has set out on.

The students had a field trip in the Consular Service Hall, and were briefed by consuls on bilateral relations, economic and trade, culture exchange and cooperation between China and Australia. Prize quiz and interaction activities were then held, in which the students actively engaged in questions and answers.