Consul-General Xu Jie's speech at the welcome dinner of 2018 China-Australia Maternity and Children's Healthcare Forum
Senior Director of Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office, Department   of Health, Queensland Government, Ms Karen Thompson,
President elect of Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Paediatrics and Child Health Division, Professor Paul Colditz,
CEO of Mater Health Research, Dr Maree Knight,
Chinese delegation lead, Founder and CEO of Shanghai Spring Field Hospital Management Group, Professor Duan Tao,
Managing Director of AusAsia Health Innovation Centre, Mr Henry Zhuang,
Ladies and gentlemen:
Good evening!

It is my great pleasure to join you at the 2018 Australia-China Maternity and Children's Healthcare Forum. On behalf of the Chinese Consulate-general in Brisbane, let me offer our warm congratulations on the opening of this forum and extend a sincere welcome to the Chinese and Australian maternity and children's healthcare experts, delegates and guests.

In recent years, the cooperation between China and Australia in healthcare has been increasingly closer. China and Queensland have deepened the collaboration in many fields such as medical research, healthcare innovation, transformation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. In April this year, the Torch of High Technology Industry Development Center of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Queensland Health and the Queensland Department of Science to establish a Queensland-Torch Health and Medical Precinct. In Sept., Queensland Government organized a major health and medical mission to China with more than 30 experts from government agencies, universities, institutes, hospitals and companies. The Queensland delegation had in-depth exchanges with their Chinese counterparts at Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health Commission, Shanghai municipality, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. The China-Queensland Health and Medical Innovation Summit was also held during their visit to Beijing.

Today, with the opening of the Australia China Maternity and Children's Healthcare Forum, more than 40 experts from China are going to carry out in-depth academic exchanges and discussions with their Australian counterparts in the following days. It is of great significance in strengthening the communication and collaboration between the two parties and improving the quality of the maternity and children's healthcare in both countries.

The Chinese government is committed to promoting the maternity and children's healthcare. The Outline of Healthy China 2030 Plan specifically points out programs to be implemented in this regard. The program to ensure the health of mothers and infants will promote good ante-natal and postal-natal care, continue to implement the system of hospital maternity benefits, and provide pregnant and lying-in women with free basic medical and health services covering whole reproductive process. The comprehensive prevention of birth defects will be strengthened by establishing a preventative and treatment system servicing urban and rural residents and covering the various stages of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and newborns. Health Children Program will be carried out, aiming to strengthen children's early development and the capacity building of pediatrics, intensify the prevention and treatment of major children diseases, expand neonatal screening, and continue to improve the nutrition of children of key regions. More efforts are made to improve the screening rate and early diagnosis and treatment rate of common gynecological diseases. The maternal and children's health service support program will be carried out to improve maternal and neonatal critical care.

Australia's health system has world-class scientific research strength, innovation ability and sound health infrastructure. Take Queensland as an example, its maternal and child health sector is known for its low perinatal mortality and constant innovation in technology and services.

China and Australia have great potential for cooperation in the field of healthcare. The China-Australia Maternity and Children's Healthcare Forum has been held for six consecutive years and has become a great platform for the two countries to strengthen academic exchanges in maternity and children's health, to promote mutually beneficial cooperation and to improve the health of women and children. It is also a brand of China-Australian scientific and technological exchanges. Here, I would like to pay tribute to the Forum organizers, AusAsia Health Innovation center and Shanghai Springfield Hospital Management Group, and express my gratitude to the Queensland Government and friends from different fields who have been supporting and promoting the health cooperation between China and Queensland. The Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane will continue to provide excellent service as always to promote cooperation in various fields between China and Queensland.

I wish the forum a full success! I wish all guests good health!

Thank you all!