Remarks by Consul General Dr Xu Jie at the Chinese New Year Reception by the Premier of Queensland
Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, Minister for Trade,
Hon. Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister for Local Government, Minister for Racing and Minister for Multicultural Affairs,
Members of the Cabinet, Members of the Parliament,
Representatives from Chinese Community,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good evening!
First of all, on behalf of the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Brisbane, I would like to extend our best wishes to you all. Wish you all good health and good luck in the Chinese lunar new year. I would also like to thank the Premier and Queensland government for hosting this reception, which fully demonstrates the importance attached to Multi-culturalism, Chinese community and China-Queensland friendship.
At present, the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus is the top priority of the Chinese government and Chinese people. A number of effective measures have been taken to curb the spread of the disease.
The whole country has worked with one heart to fight against the epidemic and have made positive progress. The number of new suspected cases fell for two consecutive days, the number of new cures exceeded the number of new deaths for six consecutive days. The 1000-bed Huoshenshan specialist hospital was finished in 10 days, three mobile field hospitals have been built and are now in operation in Wuhan. The 1500-bed Leishenshan hospital has been finished and ready to bring into service.
China has been cooperating with the World Health Organization and countries concerned in epidemic prevention and control in an open, transparent and responsible manner, so as to maintain global and regional public health security. Chinese government has taken strict control measures to prevent the virus from leaving China. So far, the number of confirmed cases outside China accounts for less than 1% of all cases. As Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of WHO said, if it were not for the efforts of the Chinese government, the world would have seen more cases and even deaths outside China.
We are convinced that, under the strong leadership of the Chinese government and with the firm support of the international community, the Chinese people and overseas Chinese will overcome difficulties and win this battle against the epidemic.
Recently, people from all walks of life in Australia, including Queensland, have expressed sympathy, understanding and support to us in various ways. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks. This year, China Queensland cooperation in various fields started well. I believe that China Queensland cooperation and friendship will grow through our joint efforts.
The overseas Chinese in Queensland, upholding the traditional Chinese virtues of diligence and kindness, have made significant contributions to the economic and social development and multiculturalism of Queensland, and also serve as a bridge and bond in increasing friendly exchanges between China and Queensland. When the bushfire ravaged in Queensland, the Chinese community donated generously. Since the outbreak of epidemic in China, the overseas Chinese in Queensland also donated medical supplies, which shows that blood is thicker than water. Thank you for your active and precious contribution to the fight against the epidemic in your motherland!
Finally, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year!
Thank you!