Premier Li Keqiang Delivers Remarks At Virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020
On the evening of 4 June, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council delivered remarks at the virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020.
Li said that in responding to the sudden onslaught of COVID-19, China has put people first and made saving lives a first-order priority. With painstaking efforts of the people, China has brought the virus under effective containment, but the battle is not over yet. The health and safety of the people in one country matters to all countries; no country can tackle the disease on its own.
At the opening of the recent 73rd World Health Assembly, President Xi Jinping called for building a global community of health for all and put forward China's proposals and initiatives for boosting international cooperation against COVID-19. China will continue to do its best to support affected countries, especially developing ones, in bolstering their COVID-19 response and socio-economic recovery.
Li pointed out that as COVID-19 rages on and formidable challenges remain, vaccines are a strong shield against the virus. China will continue to support WHO's central role in coordinating the research and development of vaccines, and push forward multicenter clinical trials of vaccines to facilitate early deployment and application of the research outcomes. Through these efforts, China hopes to make available safe, effective and quality public goods to the world, and contribute to vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.
Li stressed that China is working around the clock for breakthroughs in vaccines, therapeutics and testing reagents. China attaches importance to international cooperation on the research and development of vaccines. The Chinese side participated in the recent Coronavirus Global Response Pledging Conference hosted by the European Union and its partners, and is ready to strengthen such cooperation with all sides.
Li noted that China enjoys good cooperation with Gavi: the Alliance helped fund a program in China involving expanded vaccination and international application of vaccines.
To meet the challenges of COVID-19, Li announced that the Chinese government will make a contribution to Gavi for the next pledging cycle, encourage Chinese research institutes and vaccine producers to collaborate closely with Gavi, and support its important role in promoting vaccine coverage. Li called on all parties to join hands in the spirit of partnership to win an early victory against the virus.
The Summit aimed to raise funds for Gavi, with a view to ensuring vaccine accessibility worldwide and accelerating R&D, production and distribution of vaccines for COVID-19. It was attended by leaders from more than 30 countries and heads of UN, WHO and other international organizations.